Three Nymphs

A large and proud inn run by a rather gruff elf named Twinon. He won’t take any sort of rubbish and he keeps the inn clean and cozy. He serves the strongest of elven wines and refuses to sell any sort of dwarven ale. There are a large assortment of services available here as well, the barkeep keeps a large amount of supplies on hand to provide food and gear for travelers passing through. Many local businesses and people post notices regularly on the message boards for help or with rumors.

Message Board

  • Need help clearing my land of trees, strong warriors wanted. Will pay good gold for help.
  • A healer who does not come from the church, no affiliation wanted with the gods.
  • A talented individual bearing gifts from the forest.
  • Worthy apprentice to follow the path of righteousness. -The Path of Monastic Glory
  • Someone to help me clear some horrid mushrooms from my good farming land.
  • I seek the blademaster if you are he, come and meet me beneath the great gray oak and we shall do battle.
  • Translators and scribes to help fill the libraries of Pelor with elven literature. Must speak Elven and Common to apply.
  • Demons lurk in the darkest of places, come help us bring them to light. The Chalice welcomes you to the fight. -Knights of the Chalice

Rumors swirl among the commonfolk, tales of dark things rising and creatures stirring in the blackest caves. It’s up to you to seperate the fact from fiction and move on your own beliefs.
-Rumor Mill

Three Nymphs

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