Fighters guild

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A wide spread guild of combat specialists. The guild offers a warm hearth and sleeping quarters to all its members. Guild dues are collected annually because a majority of the members are travelers and adventurers. Joining the guild requires a one-time fee of 50gp and annual dues are only 10gp.

Low-ranking members in the guild can expect to find grunt work hunting animals or fighting off bandits once in a while. The guild also offer services to its members, like training, weapon repairs, and usage of the forge. Rank matters to a point in the guild, lower ranking members recieve less assistance on missions and usually simpler contracts. Higher ranking members in the guild and can expect to receive first pick on the contracts. The rank system is fairly simple and easy to advance along. Newcomers to the guild join at the rank of Apprentice and are expected to come with their own equipment. The ranks are as follows from there:

  1. Apprentice-The lowest rank in the guild. Members of this rank can expect to be considered new guys and be made fun of quite regularly. They get the lowliest contracts that the others would rather avoid.

  2. Swordsman-Those who have proven themself with several contracts can quickly achieve this rank. The title has nothing to do with the weapon they wield but instead denotes their abilities as a warrior.

  3. Journeyman-A journeyman has proven their loyalty to the guild but not their combat abilities, advancement to this rank does not require an official evaluation by guild leaders.

  4. Guardian- A guardian has once again performed enough contracts to display his loyalty to the guild but also has received the rank of at least two higher ranking members of the guild for his exceptional talent in the field. He is submitted to a small council of ranking local guild members to be evaluated and is then given the rank of Guardian.

  5. Champion- In order to achieve this rank, a Guardian must complete a contract given to him by the Grandmaster himself and then prove himself in one on one combat against an opponent chosen by his superior rank.

  6. Elite- To be granted elite status within the guild, a Champion must complete a completely ridiculous number of contracts for the guild. Only after proving his service once more and receiving a letter of recommendation from all of the individual guildmasters, will he be considered Elite.

  7. Guild Master- The only path to promotion above elite is by establishing another guildhall and being named a Guild Master by the Grandmaster himself. Of course, an existing Guild Master might need to be replaced as well.

  8. Grandmaster of the Fighters Guild- Only one Grandmaster exists at any one given time and he leads all the guilds activities. He regularly refers important contracts to the appropriate guildhalls and their Guild Masters.

Ambros: The Guild also pays its members upon a completion of a designated Contract if given to an Adventurer(s). The payment of the contract usually depends upon a number of variables, difficulty of the task, execution, employer happiness, ect.

Fighters guild

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