The Birth of New Champions.

The tales abound of a new rising. Something will soon come to power, but its obscurity and extreme age prevent most from understanding what is to come. The citizens of the world live on in ignorant bliss from the slow turning wheel of fate. The monsters are becoming more active, things that have long slept are once again awake, and the worst of all is yet to come. The world needs champions, the world needs HEROES!

What kind of Hero are you? Do you swing a mace with the whispers of prayers upon your lips? Or do you prefer a mighty greatsword cutting great swaths of enemies down? How about a few murmured words of a wizard or sorceror and a few fleeting gestures that can spark a fireball or bring down a bolt of lightning?

Welcome to Vilveis, a world of adventure and endless possibilities. Gods rise and fall, kings come to power and old empires crumble. Here you make your own fate, trust luck or don’t. Hone your skills and sharpen your blade. Study spells and pray to your deities for strength… You will need it if you are going to change the fate of the world.

Adventurers, been away for a while? Check out the recent changes in Recent Updates. It would do you some good to freshen up before heading back out to the fight.

Rise of the Stone Lord

Stone lord s temple 2 Drackler Nawor Couch Potato Ragnaroc the Wrath Touched Ivellios