People and Races of Vilveis

General Populace

Humans- The first race onto this world and also the most heavily populated. Humanity has spread its cities far and war, into almost every habitable region in the world.

Elves- The nimble and graceful elves were the second race to exist in this world and have also grown very strong. The elves are long-lived and do not have many children, so they are not so widespread as mankind but they have many cities and can be found almost anywhere.

Dwarves-The stocky and strong men of the mountains were the third race into this world. They work the metals from their underground homes, though surface dwarves do occasionally build cities in the “upper world”.

Gnomes- The pranksters of Vilveis, these small folk are hardy and they have to be to survive. Gnomes are not particularly widespread and are relatively young compared to the other races. They have also made many mistakes that keeps them from being one of the more powerful races.

Halflings- These hobbitfolk form nomadic societies on the great plains or live in small round hobbit homes hidden away in the hills. Halflings are also a younger race and do not dominate the world like the other races.

Orcs- The brutal savages of the wastelands, in orc society there is no mercy. An orc must kill or be killed. In ages long past the orcs developed a sense of morality and even fought in the Demon Wars alongside the elder races, but with time those orcs gave way to the newer generations.

Goliaths- The tall, muscled tribes that live atop the mountain peaks. Goliaths are a relative secluded race, they keep to themselves and trade fairly little. Goliaths take great pride in their tribes and their culture.

Elemental Tribes- The spawn of outsiders and mortals, they do not fit into society with any of the other races. Oftentimes they form their own tribes and find secluded spots in the wilderness to live out their lives.

Dragons- The titans, true lords of land, sea, and air. Dragons are mighty creatures that posess a superb intellect, far beyond any human, elf, or dwarf. No other creature on the planet can compare to a dragon’s might. Each dragon posesses countless supernatural qualities that make them the most fearsome creatures in the world, they can innately cast spells and have mighty elemental breath weapons that posess immense power.

People and Races of Vilveis

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