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Rise Of The Stone Lord!

World Details

Facts about the world in general, all you need to know about living in the world of Vilveis.

History of Vilvirym

A more in depth history of the people living on Vilvirym and the empires or events that changed its history.


The adventuring sites, the towns, and landforms of the world of Vilveis.

People and Races of Vilveis

The citizens of Vilveis and the varieties of people who inhabit the world.


Unique weapons, items, and equipment that has a place in the world.


Groups and assosciations that adventurers or craftsmen can join to further their trade.


The Divine beings who watch over this world and control much of its fate.

Current Events

Political Situations and the World as of now.


Some myths about the world and how things came to be.

Rumor Mill

The wheels of destiny are continually turning and all must listen to the wind to hear their call.

Recent Updates

A little place to keep track of what, I have been doing on the website for my campaign.

Campaign Governing

Some facts on my Dungeonmastering.


Basically a page of all my pages… All the wiki links, got it?


Naturally a lot of credit goes to the creators of Dungeons and Dragons.

Main Page

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