History of Vilvirym

The history of this continent and its inhabitants is recording on the same timeline as the world’s history to better compare the two.

Dawn of the 1st Age -The gods see fit to create life in their own images. These images are varied and populate the world. It begins with the three elder races and expands to include many more. A great deal of time passes before the first written history is recorded making it hard to determine the exact date the world began.

76 1E-The last of the originals perish, the world is now purely in the control of mortals and becomes a more friendly place.

250 1E- Discovery of iron by the dwarves and humans, their technology soon spreads to the other races. Metalworking allows for more effective tools and civilization flourishes.

290 1E- A great majority of the continent is united under one major kingdom, the Marru Empire. The Marru were a diverse people, a balanced alliance between humans, elves, and dwarves. The three proud kings of the Marru bring prosperity and peace to their people.

312-314 1E- The Darkening Wars, aptly named so because a majority of the battles took place deep underground. The powerful Marru Empire fought against an allegiance of evil creatures from the Underdark. The Drow and the Duergar made a temporary alliance under a particularly powerful Illithid monarch.

400 1E – 436 1E- The Hunting, a dark period of time which lasts for more than 30 years. Mortals of the world unite to drive out the supernatural creatures roaming the lands. Legends tell of this age.

589 1E-The Demon Wars begin. Most of the land is engulfed in strife with the only unaffected continents being Pirash and Ivelwes. Organized government on nearly every continent of the world begins to fail as demonic dopplegangers reveal themselves and many innocent officials are murdered in the ensuing panic. The Marru empire begins to falter.

591 1E-The world is beginning to unite to fight off the demons, Elves, Dwarves and Humans take the front of the fight. The battles take to massive open battlefields now that the demons have lost the element of surprise.

596 1E-The battlefront is finally taken to the plains of the Abyss when the Orcs join the conflict. The demons are driven back to their black spires and fortresses.

598 1E-After nearly a decade at war the mortal forces win a final victory against the demon hordes. Four mortals battled a demon king, named Ahazzarforth. The Orc chieftain and human king sustained lethal wounds in the conflict, but Eraimlil the elf and Hauberk the dwarf both survived to bring home the banners of victory.

599 1E- In the aftermath of the Demon Wars, government by all the races seems unlikely. The world population has suffered such a beating that most races retreat to their hidden glades, mountain citadels or seclueded villages and govern themselves. City-states and small racial monarchies prevail.

866 1E- Large veins of mithril and silver are found in the dark depths of Mt. Janarn and the dwarves quickly claim the mountain as their own. The Balderkuun clan is the first to lay claim to the ore and a new city is born, Balderkheim.

1005 1E-Tensions escalate between the elemental tribes in Vilvirym. The Wind tribe goes into hiding after its leader is executed by Earth tribe assassins. The Fire and Water tribes begin drawing lines and gathering allies. The Earth tribe goes underground as well to protect themselves.

1006 1E-The wheel of fate turns as creatures that have long slumbered begin to awake. The land threatens to return to a time of great strife. Their only hope lies in the oldest of places where long forgotten secrets slowly spin.

History of Vilvirym

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