The Invincible

Heironeous is known by all as the god of valor. His clerics wage a holy war against evil in its many forms and fight especially hard against the servants of his half-brother, Hextor. Heironeous is a champion of justice and is well known for his courage. He upholds the virtues of law and good at every turn. He is one of the most frequently worshipped of all the Deities because the common folk admire his honor and chivalry.

The ChurchLightning fist

Heironeous is a god of war and his clergy are the tools of his wars. The entire organization is set up as one large military order, with clear ranks and protocols to follow. The church has all the functions of major armies, well stocked armies, sources of supply, and plenty of magical armaments. Heironeous’ church seeks to uproot and destroy temples of Hextor whenever one is suspected of existing. Aside from this goal, the church serves the people as champions against evil. None are braver than the clerics of Heironeous’ church.


Clerics of Heironeous often share certain characteristics, they are all more than adept at combat. Each has to prove his valor in battle before gaining rank with the church. The clerics take solemn vows to uphold the virtues of the church and the knightly vows of chivalry before they are allowed to become priests. Heironeous’ priests wear the bright azure robes of valor into battle and carry holy symbols of Heironeous’ lightning fist. They often carry the longswords that their deity favors and frequently enchant them with lightning to further embody their deity. His senior clerics are often generals, tacticians or military planners of some sort because of their knowledge of strategy.

Rank in the Church

Those who wish to join the church of Heironeous and have proven themselves worthy of the cause can do so, but must choose which facet of the church to join. The church is divided between the order of Knights and Priests. Those who wish to serve their deity with sword and shield join the ranks of the knights and become a squire to a proven Knight. Those with a more spellcasting or scholarly attitude join the priests and become an adept of the temple. The ranks for either are as follows:


1. Squire
2. Knight-Errant
3. Knight Valiant
4. Knight Sergeant
5. Knight Captain
6. Knight Commander
7. General
8. Paragon General

In addition, Knights who have established themselves in battle may receive Templar rank which is considered outside the usual rank system and the Templars are granted missions outside the usual hierarchy.
Knights who have proven themselves extremely worthy of the cause are invited to become one of the Invincible. The Invincible are elite within the temple hierarchy and are given the greatest freedoms. They have access to temple vaults for religious artifacts and are given the greatest missions to eliminate followers of Hextor.


1. Adept
2. Priest
3. Honorable Priest
4. Priest of Glory
5. Valorous Priest
6. Priest Commander
7. High Priest
8. Bishop
9. ArchBishop

Exceptionally worthy priests may receive numerous commendations for virtue and are given enchanted holy symbols and the like. One of the rarest occasions of them all is when an incredibly talented priest is invited to join the ranks of the Invincible.


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