There are so many people in this world, they each ply their trade with practiced skill. It is natural for the mortal races to come together into groups of like-minded individuals. These are the records for all the guilds registered in the world.

National Guilds of Vilvirym

Fighters guild- A place for the more combat minded adventurers to gather and receive work. The guild regularly receives contracts from citizens in the nearby areas and distributes them to its members by rank or skill. Any character capable of combat is welcomed, but those who are proficient in wielding weapons may be received more favorably.

Mages Guild- A guild who supports spellcasters of every type. The guild provides a haven for those gifted in both the Arcane and Divine arts. Most guildhalls boast an impressive library and a laboratory for alchemy. Magical tasks are often brought to the guild to be dealt with and contracts are given to mages looking for work. None are allowed here who cannot cast spells or activate magical devices with some skill. Those who run the guild are all spellcasters who are talented at the Arcane arts, the divine spellcasters are under the jurisdiction of the local churches. This causes friction quite often between the two groups.

Mages’ Tower- Not so much a guild, but an elite academy created by powerful arcanists who dislike the existing mages guild. These spires are placed near the greatest towns of Vilvirym, namely the Imperial Spire directly outside the city Taxdus. This guild has strict rules regarding the magic performed here and the members it allows. One must be an adept spellcaster to be allowed into the guild and once there must study the arts to an extreme degree. Then, when you believe you are ready the test must be taken. Each pupil may only take the exam once, but few trainees who fail live to attempt again. The test is trying in every way possible, mentally and physically, and those who succeed do not leave without scars.

Arcane Order- A strict college of the magical arts, its members are strongly loyal to the Emperor of Taxdus and patrol the city as a type of magical law enforcement. They accept only candidates of strong will who are capable of memorizing vast numbers of spells and pushing themselves to their very limits.

Champion’s Guild-A gathering of great heroes, that has become slightly neglected of late. The champion’s guild was once a magnificent group of adventurers who had settled down and created a wonderful stronghold. A majority of its founders were killed in the demon wars and many more fled the battles. Only a few elderly “champions” remain, their knowledge the only heroic thing about them.

Hammer and Anvil- A group of united craftsmen who meet at countless forges in wayside villages or in great cities to practice their craft. If you have enough skill with a forge, then you can expect to be welcomed in with open arms. Joining the guild means you have access to the guild’s many resources and forges all across the lands.

Order of Illumination-An organization that is split into two parts who are united in their goal of combating evil. They are the Shadowbane Inquisitors who practice magic and combat to eradicate the forces of evil and cleave down their vicious armies. Also at their side are the Shadowbane Stalkers, who accept that the shadows will hide them and better help them get close to their enemies who relish in the darkness. They have few guildhalls, but are strong throughout the land.

Knights of the Chalice-An allegiance of paladins and knights who have sworn themselves to the endless task of eradicating demonkind. Members are held to the highest standards of law, good, and nobiity and swear themselves to the cause of eradicating demonkind. The guild only accepts members that have proven themselves pure of heart and dedicated to the cause. Each Knight must prove himself to be a paragon of virtue and valor, capable of great sacrifice for the greater good.

Nightsong Guild-Once a thriving guild that dealt in information and trade of the illegitimate variety, the Nightsong Guild has withered of late. Its members once prided themselves on their abilitiy to know anything and everything that happened within the material plane. They were said to be everywhere at once, you could never insult the guild because it was almost certain that someone nearby was affiliated with them.

Golden Goods Society-A united collection of merchants who strive to control costs and make all goods affordable to the people that deserve them most. They also control a lot of the market in large towns and have begun to spread to smaller towns and villages in central areas.

Darker Stuff-There are those guilds who “don’t exist” and are sought after by the law, however lore and legend claim that they do exist. Not much is recorded in history about these sorts of things.

Local Guilds (Groups found in specific areas)

Elven Enclave- A gathered cabal of elven spellcasters who believe that their application of the craft is the only worthy one. They practice the arcane arts in the city of Homilion. They are strongly dedicated to the welfare of their guild and the city they reside in, but to no other organization.

Wayward Warriors- The knights and fighters elite who have united in Homilion to form a single front against villany. This group strongly prefers locals for their membership and promotes the value of the combat arts and skills relating to weaponry.

Raven Blades- They are a local group of adventurers, sponsored by their leader Lord Raven. They have begun to prove themselves with quite a number of local adventures.

Wyvern Brigade- A small party of adventurers with largely unknown goals and members. The Brigade has become rather famous in certain circles especially since becoming Champions of Homilion. The Wyvern Brigade Commander, Ambros Brasmere has proven himself a paladin of virtues and people are beginning to recognize him.


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