The Dwarves are the third elder race, one of the first races of people to walk the world. They are longer lived than Humans, but have shorter lives than the nearly immortal Elves. The dwarves are an enduring race, they don’t have the rapid adaptability the humans have proven to posess, but they are not so unchanging as the elves. They are quite widespread among the continents of Vilveis, however they are not much of a seafaring race so finding them on some of the smaller island nations is a rarity indeed.

The Dwarves have shown some capability to adapt, resulting in numerous subraces of the bearded fellows. All dwarves share their short compact stature and reach adulthood at about 40 years of age. The longest-lived dwarves live to be more than 400 years old. The most common dwarves are called hill dwarves stand about 4-4 1/2 feet tall, and weigh in the same range as humans which is 130 to 250 pounds. Dwarves’ skin is typically deep tan in color and can range to a lighter brown color. They have dark eyes and hair that is usually black, gray or brown. They favor simple styles for their hair and dwarven men are especially proud of their beards and moustaches.
The dwarves have many cousins who inhabit different climes than the usual. The Deep Dwarves live much further underground than the Hill Dwarves. Their cousins, the Mountain Dwarves inhabit the caverns beneath the deepest mountains. Gold Dwarves occasionally visit from the lands down south and form their own above ground kingdoms, claiming the mountains and untamed hills of the land as their own. The largely evil offshoot of the dwarven race are the Gray Dwarves also known as the Duergar.

Dwarves are master craftsman and artisans when dealing with the elements most commonly found in their homes. Stone and metal have proven to be the livelihood of all the dwarven people. Everyone among their kind is gifted with stonecunning and is able to easily fashion weapons and tools from the rocks. Dwarves live deep within the mountains and build elaborate mines to harvest the ore in the mountains heart.

Nearly every dwarf pays homage to the father of all dwarves, Moradin. He is the Soulforger and the patron of all dwarves. Popular dwarven Legends say that Moradin forged the first dwarves out of gems from the land. He has temples in every dwarven city and his loyal subjects often devote a shrine in their homes to him.

Dwarven Society

Dwarves prefer to live in the underground cities that they build around the mines. Occasionally they raise surface outposts or citadels to trade with the other civilized nations that live there. Dwarven society is built strongly upon the clan system, a dwarves loyalty to his own family and clan is not easily broken. These ties to family have helped the dwarves survive for thousands of years.

Clans under the Mountain

Clan Balderkuun- The long-lived Balderkuun clan has been around since the days when the mountains were young. They are one of the eldest of the Dwarf clans. Most Balderkuuns choose a higher caste position for their occupation. Many a Balderkuun is a renowned smith, tight-fisted merchant or well-to-do aristocrat. Several prominent members of the Balderkuun clan led to the founding of a new mine under Mt. Janarn nearly a century ago, that mine has grown into a city called Balderkheim.


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