The gods are many, Divine powers created this world and rule over it day and night. Many deities have massive temples in all the grand cities and lead grand processions through the town on holy days. Although some deities are not so celebrated and their followers meet in hidden temples and shrines to offer profane sacrifices to their cruel lords. All in all there are 19 deities that most people in the world concern themselves with.

Boccob- The Uncaring, Lord of all Magics, Archmage of Deities, he is the god of magic itself. Boccob is a disant deity who promotes no specific agenda in the world of mortals. He is a god primarily of magic and knowledge whose followers include wizards, sorcerors and sages.

Corellon Larethian- He is known as the Creator of the Elves, the Protector, and the Ruler of all Elves. Corellon Larethian is the creator and protector of the elven races and he embodies all the elven beliefs and those arts they hold in high esteem. He governs magic, music, arts, crafts, poetry and warfare for the elves.

Ehlonna-Ehlonna of the forests is the goddess of the woodlands and watches over all the good and pure people that live in the forests.She protects those who love the forests and make their livelihoods there. She is especially close to elves, gnomes, halflings, and half-elves because of their closeness to the woodlands. She is commonly followed by rangers and some druids.

Erythnul- The god of slaughter, he is the embodiment of chaos and evil. Erythnul delights in panic and slaughter and commands his followers to spread strife throughout the lands. In civilized lands his followers form small hidden cults, but in savage lands his followers include many monstrous races.

Fharlaghn- The god of roads, he represents neutrality. His title is the Dweller on the Horizon. He is the deity of travel, so his wayshrines are common on many well traveled roads. Bards, merchants and other travelers favor him because he is the protector of travelers.

Garl Glittergold-The god of the gnomes, he is known as the Joker, the Watchful Protector, the Priceless Gem, and the Sparkling Wit. Garl Glittergold is said to have led the gnomes into this world and has since become their protector and rules over their most notable features, their humor, wit, storytelling, gemcutting, and jewelrymaking.

Gruumsh-The chief god of the Orcs, also known as One-Eye and He-Who-Never-Sleeps. Gruumsh encourages his followers to kill the weak and make way for the strong and take all the territory that is rightfully theirs. He harbors a special hatred for Corellon Larethian and the elves.

Heironeous- The god of valor, Heironeous promotes justice, valor, chivalry, and honor. He is title is the Invincible. Heironeous promotes good and his half-brother, Hextor is his archenemy.

Hextor- The god of tyranny, Hextor is a six armed god of war known also as the Champion of Evil, the Herald of Hell and as the Scourge of Battle. Hextor’s followers are sent out only to commit evil and overthrow Heironeous’ followers wherever they can.

Kord- The god of Strength. Kord has no special enemies in the realms of the gods as he only promotes great strength and is the patron of all athletes. His worshippers include warriors and fighters who favor strength and mighty two handed weapons.

Moradin-The god of the dwarves who is said to have formed the first dwarves out of gems and then breathed life into them. His titles are many and include the Soul Forger, Dwarffather, the All-Father, and the Creator. He governs the arts and sciences of the dwarves, namely smithing, metalworking, engineering and war.

Nerull-The god of Death, also known as the Reaper, King of All Gloom, Bringer of Darkness, and Hater of Life. Nerull is the patron of those who wish only to bring the greatest evil down on others. His worshippers include tortured souls, necromancers, and assassins.

Obad-Hai- The god of Nature, he represents the uncaring, merciless aspect of nature. He rules all of nature and the wilderness and is a friend to all those who live in harmony with nature. He has a friendly rivalry with Ehlonna. He is revered by rangers, barbarians, and some druids.

Olidammara- The god of Rogues, Olidammara is known as the Laughing Rogue. He represents chaos and delights in wine, women and song. He is a vagabond, good for nothing, a prankster and a master of disguise. He may not have many official temples but many acknowledge him or are willing to toast in his honor.

Pelor-The lord of the sun and the deity of all good creatures. Pelor’s title is the Shining One because he is the creator of many good things including the sun and he is a supporter of all those in need. He is an adversary of all things evil and the most commonly worshipped deity of the human race.

St Cuthbert- He is the god of retribution, St. Cuthbert exacts revenge and just punishment on those who transgress against the law. He is known as Cuthbert of the Cudgel because of the brutal judgement he can dish out to those who do not follow the laws.

Vecna- The god of secrets, Vecna is a patron for any who wish to keep secrets and hide things away from society. Vecna rules over all that is not meant to be known and people want to keep secret. He is known as the Maimed Lord, the Whispered One and the Master of All Secrets because of his hidden powers.

Wee Jas- The Goddess of Death and Magic, she is a demanding goddess who expects complete obedience from her followers. She represents magic that can bring death upon her enemies. She is an evil goddess and counts the most powerful evil sorcerors, warlocks, and wizards among her followers.

Yondalla- The goddess of the Halflings, Yondalla is the protector and creator of their race. She is known as he Provider, and the Nurturing Matriarch of all Halfling clans. She encourages harmony among her people and stalwart defenses against those who would seek to harm them.


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