Balderkheim, the city of granite

Balderkheim is a small dwarven city, with a thriving population. The dwarves have built their home into the stones of the Kankara Mountain Range. Their city is directly below the roots of Mt Janarn. The River Siannodel falls in a large waterfall from the peak of Mt. Janarn and gives the dwarves a nearby water source. The city itself is grand, chiseled directly out of the granite the mountain is made of. Large crystal caches line the ceiling of the massive cavern it rests in, so it is always lit with a warm crystalline sparkle. Dwarven steel protects the city in the massive double doors in the south that lead outside. The roads are paved in an organized manner and the city is layed out into five districts. Directly upon entering the city, to the right is the Mercantile District, and to the left is the Temple District. In the cities heart lies the Noble District with its Palace of Jewels. Further to the northeast is the Service District and to the northwest is the residential district. The city is also quite rich, thanks to the gold and silver mines found underneath the mountains heart. You can get freshly minted coins from local smiths, but you might be charged for much more than they are worth.

Mercantile District

The Mercantile District is where the majority of the cities activity goes on, merchants peddle their wares in stalls while the more wealthy vendors have their own stores. Balderkuun’s Brandy is a liquor store owned by a prestigious member of the Balderkuun family who considers his bar a store for more refined drinkers among the dwarven populace. Traubon Balderkuun is also the most talented smith in the city and he knows it. He charges sky-high prices for weapons forged on his enchanted anvil. Those who prefer a humbler smith go to Tordek Loderrkiln’s smithy. He and his son, Dirk operate their own smithy for anything metal

Temple District

The Temple District is only a hive of activity on certain days. On church days, the dwarves gather to word aloud their praise of Moradin and the Ancestors. Once every fortnight or so, the dwarven council gathers to discuss the latest developments in politics in the Temple Districts more spacious buildings.

Residential District

The location of the common populace’s housing and where the majority of the people spend their lives. On the fringes of the city, small sustenance farms are a common sight. The local inn- Loderr’s Home and Hearth is quite popular in this part of the city. People gather to have a good time, listen to a tale or two spun by the local bard, and to have a look at local postings on the message-board.

Service District

The Service District is home to the cities necessary utilities. This is where the off-duty guardsman practice at the barracks and the wizards study their spellbooks at the library. The prison is at the cities farthest reach, nearest to the tunnels that only lead downward. That way, escapees really can only flee down to the Underdark’s depths. Here is where Ruub, a human owns and operates his pub, The Drunken Delver. He claims that his ale is a service to society and everybody knows that it is a good idea for it to be so near to the prison.

Noble District

The Noble District is home to the many things that make it obvious this city has a class-system. The aristocrats have many organized manses arranged by clans in this district. The royal palace also rises from the city’s dead center and is home to the High Priest Ilde Loderrkiln. The Balderkuun clan has the largest number of mansions and servants running around the noble district. The Loderrkiln and Rumnaheim clans have been in a slight decline among the dwarves since the last great revolution. The Balderkuun clan essentially have seized control of the city and they have the largest number of skilled craftsman and politicians between the entire city.


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