Tag: shopkeeper


  • Thulduin Loderrkiln

    He is not known as the most friendly person around, but his smithing is impeccable. He crafts the highest quality steel in [[A New City | Homilion]]. His shop, [[Stone and Steel]] has some of the best armors and smashing weapons for hundreds of miles.

  • Brunari Iriandi

    A grin is always seen on the face of this elf, who knows he has seen all the world has to offer, and the best and worst moments of it. He gladly forges impossibly thin blades and incredibly keen weapons of many types. He also has a huge number of elven …

  • Darek Wildeye

    He is fierce spirited and free. Darek is proud to show his wild-elven heritage. He is also proud to show off the countless horses and other trained steeds he has trained himself. He also owns a herd of [[Elven Warhorses]] that are the partly owned by the …

  • Tirellion Elendeis

    Tirellion is known the town over for his good nature and his willingness to haggle. He tries to get his goods from reliable cheap sources and sell them at an affordable price to those who need them. His store [[Waterside Treasures]] sells assorted goods, …