A deadly warrior if given a bow.


Name: Orsten, Ranger 6/ OBI 3
1 Mighty Frost Composite Longbow
+1 Knightsword
Mithryl Chain shirt


The mysterious archer known only as Orsten grew up on the island continent of Pirash in the Northern Ocean. Living on the coastal city of Gurg-mellion,{G-URRGH__MELLIOOONN} famous for it’s vast supplies of Whale goods and commodities. Prized for his natural skills in spear fishing in the cold northern waters, Orsten quickly grew in social rank in is communitiy to earn respect and a quick “Ship Birth,” a well known ceremoial ritual practiced within the Eskimo communities of the North.

Orsten was running away from home when he was kidnapped by the mighty Frostlord Minotaur tribes. He had become an exile when he failed to swallow nine pounds of anchovies within two minutes and thus disgraced his tribe in a competition with the Yetis. He stole twelve sled dogs and rushed after the Yeti folk in an attempt to challenge them to a game of walrus ball. Unfortunately on his way, the dogs fell into a cliff and dropped him off in a lair of Minotaurs. The Minotaurs tied him to a massive whale and sent him into the ocean as an offering to their dread god. Thomas quickly learned that if he caught barracudas with his spear he could hand feed the whale and teach it to do his bidding. He untied his bonds and made a saddle out of human hair, allowing him to ride the whale back to his homeland. When he returned he found that his hometown of Gurg-Mellion was completely unaware that he had gone. When he returned the locals thought he was a demon and drove him away with fishnets covered in burning shark fat. Dissapointed, Thomas told the whale to sink him in the darkest abyss on the ocean. Months later he awoke on the shores of Arkana, somehow he had survived and was nursed back to health by a gnomish child who stuffed crab legs into his mouth. He killed the gnomes with a whittled spear of driftwood because he violently hated crabs. He realized what he had done and vowed to never lift a spear again. He then taught himself to wield a bow that he stole from the gnome corpses. After looting their ancestral burrows he spent their jewels in town buying up gnomish beer. The local authorities realized where he had gotten the gold and locked him up to become a slave. During the slave meet he untied his bonds with a small pin and escaped on the ship of a slaver. The slaver later turned out to be Estheim Vasee who really didn’t want to be a slaver. With Orsten’s help and sense of direction, they asked the whales for help and found Vilvirym. They sailed into th Pearl Sea together, singing pirate carols and drinking gnomish magic-drink. Upon arrival they realized that the slaves had escaped and the slave master took the boat as payment. Orsten left Estheim behind to live in the forests and study archery with tribal wild elves and Estheim went on his own way. THey later met up in Homilion and decided to work together. -Amen

Through a deep physcological examination of his roots, it is know that Orsten fought within his large extended family for attention at a young age…………………………………….

Current Whereabouts: Unkown
Active Sexual Relationships: Pending
Dangerous?: Very


Is this thing on?……


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