Mialee Liadon

Enchanting in appearance, this elf moves with grace that would shame any princess.


Mialee rarely is seen without the Starsoul Amulet which is a beautiful silver pendant with a incredibly deep blue jewel in the center. It is said if you gaze into the amulet you see the distant twinkling of stars from other worlds. Also the well-practiced observer can note the presence of the Princesses’ royal sword. It is a thinblade of elven make, a rare alloy of platinum that makes the edge as hard as steel but brilliant like silver. Three wondrous violet garnets pulse with light along the blades hilt.


Princess Mialee is the ruler of the Mage’s Council that controls Homilion. She is known by all as a fair and benevolent ruler. She has flowing silver hair, deep emerald eyes and a slight build. Her pale skin only adds to her beauty and she is gifted with great intellect as well. She is the youngest of the elves to become a ruler, but is still quite capable. She relies on the council for aid with many of her duties, but is a wonderful mage with exceptional skill. She has a birth blessed with power, she was born on the night of the summer solstice. So, as her hundredth birthday nears it is said that her magical powers will come into full bloom. The elves rejoice in anticipation.

Mialee Liadon

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