Knight Sergeant Taryn Lorukeryn

A tall, heavily muscled elf. His armor consists of wooden plates that are black as night. His wooden shield is quite similiar and is emblazoned with a silver chalice across its face.


Taryn is a high elf, from the Rianti Forest. He is taller and of stouter build than most local elves and his skin is a very dusky tan. His green eyes are unwavering, his dark hair is a stark contrast to the fair elves of the east. It is clear by the men standing around him that he is a leader who commands respect and his presence emanates around him. He bears a longsword, slung across his back with countless runes against evil inscribed upon it. He views the tavern around him with the calm and calculating eyes of a military man, as though he sees demons behind every shadow.


Taryn is a member of the Knights of the Chalice, he has risen to Knight Sergeant in the order and often seeks new members for the guild. He scouts local taverns for talented individuals and offers them challenges designed to test their worthiness and virtue. He highly values trustworthiness and also pride. He considers bravery an essential trait of every knight along with honor and chivalry.

Knight Sergeant Taryn Lorukeryn

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