Estheim Vasee

Soul Survivor of the Vasee of Nora


Estheim Vasse, for as long as he could remember, was trained to be a Warrior of Vasee. His father, Laden Vasee, was the warlord of the State of Vasee, located on the island called Nora. The Vasee were known across Nora due to their methods of training, fighting, torture, and assassination. For most of his early life Estheim was at peace thanks to his mother, Sera, who taught him how to use Nature as an advantage. His father though oversaw his training and saw that he was at the top of group.

Estheim was talented in archery and his diplomatic and lying skills were mastered at a very young age. He was so good that even his parents had trouble trying to reason with him or getting the truth out of him. Multiple members of his family were concerned with his ablity to find hidden objects and picking locks. He had a reputation of stealing jewelary from the women and weapons from the men.

At the age of 14(human years), war broke out on Nora. The Norans fought against the Sanctum Mountain Heretics. The Heretics saw that the people of Nora were tainted with impurity due to the fact elves were present. The Heretics attacked the closest place to their main base at Sanctum Mountain, State of Vasee. The attack began at dusk. The Heretics scaled the walls of the estate and started a massacre. Laden was killed in a dual by a Heretic Prophet. Sera got Estheim to the Tiamet River Tidal Basin. The estate was in flames and Vasee blood covered the walls and grounds. Sera was killed by an arrow to the heart, by the hands of the prophet. Estheim was hiding high above the ground in a nearby tree and watched helplessly as his mother died. Estheim had only his dagger with him. The prophet’s bodyguard came to dispose Sera’s body as the prophet left. Estheim used his training and killed the guard buy slitting his throat. Esheim then looted the fresh corpse of valuables that he could carry and took his mother’s green ring that had the Vasee crest on it. He left Nora by commandeering a slaver’s ship, accomplished by killing the captain and unfortuntantly selling the slaves on Arkana. Estheim then started becoming an assassain for hire.

Estheim, years later seeking forgiveness for his past sins was struggling to redeem himself and still seeking revenge against the Heretics, smuggled aboard a boat leaving Arkana to Vilvirym.

Estheim Vasee

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