Ambrose Brasmere

Holy Warrior and Silent Commander of the Wyvern Brigade


Ambros stands a couple of inches above average height, and is thickly muscled from his many years spent herding cattle. He has auburn colored hair, beard, and kind, yet his hazel eyes are often full of sorrow. He does not speak often, but when he does his deep voice resounds with a subtle inner strength. He is garbed in a thick Cowhide vest, bears a massive Spiked Chain,and wears Masterwork Full-Plate Armor expertly crafted by the Dwarves of Balderkheim.

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Ambros Brasmere grew up on Whitmond Farm located just east of Balderkheim at the base of Mt Janarn . His father, Ernest, was a Cattle herder, and hence so too was Ambros during his youth. Little is known about his mother, Kiara, according to Ambros she died during childbirth. Ambros had no brothers or sisters, a reality that forced them to hire the help of several Cowhands. Whitmond Farm, was a small 20 acre cattle herding establishment. Although relatively small, thier farm was gaven the prestigous title of “Best tasting meat in the Land.” It and the other surrounding farms were responsible for delivering a steady supply of livestock and meat to nearby cities. It is well known that Ambros’ father was proud of only 2 things in life, his son, and his meat. His lifelong plan was to have Ambros continue his farming legacy; sadly fate had something else planned…..

Ambros was barely into his early years, when suddenly a group of Wyverns begun assaulting his father’s herd. The two tried everything from Scarecrows to Magic to try and keep the Wvyerns out of his herd. Unfortunately they kept coming with even more and more tenacity. It almost seemed is if the Wyverns were being led by an outside force. Only one month of attacking, and thier herd was already reduced to a mere 300. With no way to stop the greatly increasing Wvyern raiding parties, Ernest was forced to sell the remaining herd. With what money they had, the two left for Balderkheim in the hopes of starting a new life.

In Balderkheim, Ambros and his father settled down in a rustic dwelling within Balderkheim’s Resedential-District. With little experience besides Cattle Herding, Ambros’ father decided to put his burly strength to work by enlisting in Balderkheim’s local milita. The steady pay was nice and all seemed well for Ambros and his father. When Ernest was gone out on patrol, he left Ambros at a church that worshipped Hieroneous. At the church he was educated in promoting justice, valor, honor, and chivalry throughout the land. When his father was off-duty he would train Ambros in the art of battle. With a Spiked Chain in both hands, Ambrose proved to be a natural fighter. His formative years were spend in this such way. With each passing day, Ambros further honed his skills in the hopes to use them in the future one day. His life in Balderkheim consisted of the same precise and disciplined routine for years up until it’s end on Ambros’ birthday.

It was his 20th birthday, a time in the Dwarven Community for a great ammount of eating, drinking, dancing, music and song, and good ol’fashioned partying. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Ambros. The week of his birthday was plagued with reports of miners going missing deep within the mountains. In response to the reports, Ernest was charged with leading a group of the Milita into the mountain to investigate. They never returned and were presumed dead. Strangely enough the disappearances ended and the Mountain returned to it’s peaceful state. However, Ambros was not satisfied and wanted revenge, so he turned to the only family he had left……The Church. The Church more than happily accepted Ambros with open arms and gave him a place of safety and refuge. There he was named protector of a self-procliamed Cleric of War and former sparring partner, Zellion. Ambros and Zellion resided at the church for a few more months before being approached by a Knight-Errant who was looking for promising recruits to join his orgainzation. The organization, The Holy Exemplars, was tasked by the church of Hieroneous to recover lost holy relics. Ambros and Zellion, who were Holy warriors of the church stepped up as representatives of thier Balderkheim branch and set off with the Knight to regroup at thier HQ with the rest of the recruits and set off for thier first adventure.

The Holy Exemplars were a small group, working mostly in secret for the church, but always with good intention. The H.Q.

Ambrose Brasmere

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